Vocal Summer Camp


Do you want to learn what your voice is capable of?
Because it can probably do a lot more than you think!

Everyone can make incredible sounds but most people just don’t know how to do it.
High notes, loud notes, agility, beautiful sounds, dirty sounds, it’s all possible!

Gregory West, Toni Linke and Ivan Mihaljevic have teamed up to bring you a seven day online Vocal Summer Camp which is designed to help you learn many of the techniques that great singers use to sound incredible!
You’ll learn how to belt and mix, effective breathing and support strategies, rough vocal effects, and ways to spice up your singing to make it more expressive!

The Vocal Summer Camp starts on Monday, August 5th and ends on Sunday, August 11th. Every day there will be a one-hour in-depth presentation about a specific topic, as well as another hour of individual teaching sessions in front of the group.

All the sessions will be recorded and sent out to all registered participants, so if you can’t attend a session, you can still watch it later.

The number of available slots is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early! The sign-up price is 200€. Sign up now to secure a spot while it’s still available.

All sessions will take place over Zoom.

*By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Monday, August 5th from 7-9 pm CET
Breathing & Support
with Ivan Mihaljevic

Tuesday, August 6th from 7-9 pm CET
with Gregory West

Wednesday, August 7th from 7-9 pm CET
Mixed Voice
with Gregory West

Thursday, August 8th from 7-9 pm CET
Rough Vocal Effects Pt. 1
with Toni Linke

Friday, August 9th from 7-9 pm CET
Rough Vocal Effects Pt. 2
with Toni Linke

Saturday, August 10th from 7-9 pm CET
with Ivan Mihaljevic

Sunday, August 11th from 7-9 pm CET
with Ivan Mihaljevic, Gregory West & Toni Linke

Terms and conditions:

  • Please be respectful towards the teachers and other participants. If your behavior is deemed unacceptable by the admins, you will be removed from the Zoom meeting without a refund.
  • Please double check the dates and times (converting into your local time) before signing up. We will not be giving refunds to people who realize they can’t attend the live sessions as all of the sessions will be recorded and sent out to all the registered participants.
  • Make sure your internet connection is good and stable. We will not be issuing refunds to participants who couldn’t follow the lectures because of poor connection quality.
  • Refunds won’t be issued if you weren’t able to join the live lecture due to a hardware or software failure on the participant’s side.
  • In case of a technical issue on the lecturer’s side that disrupts that day’s session, the session will be rescheduled for a later day and all the registered participants will be notified and given access.
  • All of the materials shared in the lectures, including the videos of the lectures themselves are exclusively owned by Supersonic Songbird, Studio West and Toni Linke and protected by copyright. It is not allowed to further share and distribute them without the explicit consent of all the owners.
  • If you sign up as a volunteer, you agree with your singing being recorded as a part of the lecture video and distributed to the participants who signed up for the camp.
  • Vocal Summer Camp teachers reserve the right to use the recorded material for the purpose of marketing future workshops, masterclasses or solo lessons.