Turn bathroom concerts into standing ovations!

Expert Voice Training and Vocal Coaching by Authorized CVT Teacher Ivan Mihaljevic

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A passion for vocal technique and the underlying science

Ivan is an Authorized Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Teacher, but is also well acquainted with Estill and SLS methods and following the latest research in the fields of vocal technique and physiology.

Develop power and stamina while reducing effort and wear on your voice

Learn how to use breath support effectively and how to shape your vocal tract for maximum efficiency to master your whole dynamic range from a whisper to a roaring belt in a healthy manner which won’t tax your voice.

Extend your range

Learn how to sing higher and lower with specific techniques that give you the sound character you desire.

Develop control over your sound color

Learn how you can adjust specific places in your vocal tract to darken or lighten your sound color in different ways for a vast palette of available expressions.

Improve your artistic expression

Learn techniques that can help you to become a more emotionally engaging singer.

Harness the power of rough vocal effects

Learn how to produce various rough vocal effects such as distortion, rattle, growl, grunt and creaking commonly heard in genres such as metal, rock, gospel and pop.

Gain more agility

Learn how to execute intricate melodies and ornamentations faster, more precisely and with more ease.

Boost your confidence

Mastering your vocal technique will help you be a more confident performer on the stage and in the studio!

Teaching in person and online

We are offering lessons both online through Zoom or Skype and in person if you happen to be close to Zagreb, Croatia. So wherever you are, contact us and we can schedule a lesson to start improving your singing technique!

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT)

  • CVT is based on more than 25 years of extensive research and is recommended by doctors and speech therapists all over the world.
  • Based in voice anatomy and physiology, CVT covers techniques for all genres and styles of singing in a healthy manner.
  • CVT is published in the most prestigious scientific journals, in books, and in apps and has become a great international success with translations into 10 languages.

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Supersonic Songbird offers online or in person voice training for singers, actors, vocal coaches and anyone who wants to understand and utilize their voice better!

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